Are You Using Your Unified Communications Program to its Fullest?

businessman dialing voip phone in the office, keyboard and monitor detail in the background with vintage color tone effect

Every company utilizes a variety of communication methods, internal or otherwise, in order to maintain a productive work environment. Everything from text messages to email to phone services fall in the category of unified communications. As the name implies, it means total corporate communication methods overlap and respond to each other, resulting in streamlined communication processes and the ability to send messages where they need to go ASAP.

This doesn’t mean major adoption of a UC program is going to be used, however. While it’s certainly enticing to hear about the integration of mobile apps to mobile devices, or the ability to conduct video conferencing from the comfort of home, getting that integrated means a few things. At the very least a workforce must utilize the services. Otherwise, that’s lots of infrastructure investment with no real use.

A business has to understand its demographics, which is an increasingly younger and more technologically adaptive crowd. As such they’re familiar with the abstracts of software use and also of streamlined processes too.

Your company may have all the nifty kinds of gadgets or functions of a modern corporation, but are they all in separate form? Is a message, video chat, email, conference, or other communications program broken down into multiple apps/programs? A single, converging piece of software which contains all the desired functions of internal communications is the better choice, not just for the growing millennial workforce mentioned, but for cost and clarity too.

Adding to this functionality, a single cloud computing service which all can connect to via easy entry point is critical. Be it from company devices or of an employee’s own, nothing gets going if your workforce can’t connect.

Speaking of mobile devices, understanding the utilization of technology is another way to understand your communications network is actually used to the fullest. Do all employees conduct the same services? Do they all need to have the same accompanying tech like tablets or landline phones at the desk? Are all of them going to work from home at some point? It’s important to announce implementations and educate employees on use of new communication tools, so as to use these tools to the fullest.

The world of business still relies on structure, but also must adapt to the fast-paced and ever-changing demands of today, in which the likes of UC can handle. By properly assuring all assets and workers have their own UC requirements met in proper ways, a company can let go of dust-gathering systems and make use of amazing modern communication technology.

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