How Smartphone Use is Impacting SEO and Your Marketing Strategies

Mobile technology has evolved to an impressive point and only continues to grow each year. 2016 alone will bombard us with a host of new smartphone models and powerful options, popularizing the way people connect to each other and the internet. Today, for a company to ignore the explosive growth of smartphone utilization would mean actively deciding to harm their business. Smartphones are an integrated part of not only popular culture, but business relations too.

An enormous chunk of the public now uses smartphones for all sorts of things. They often store important parts of a person’s life, holding family photos and even bank account info safe in their servers. As such, they’ve become an integral part of everyday life. Google hasn’t ignored this, and your business shouldn’t either. Yes, the PC is still very much around, but does not alter the utilization of smartphones for things like checking email or social media.

This means your business, if it hasn’t already, needs to develop marketing campaigns and strategies for the mobile universe. It also needs to make sure that all its website functions and related software are accessible via smartphone. It isn’t enough for a web page to be openable on a mobile device; that page needs to be optimized for smartphone use. Google has taken this a step further, knocking the rankings of anyone who is not smartphone compatible.

People also have much faster access to information than ever before. Having a section about what you do that’s compatible with smartphones is key to adapting to changing technology, as lots of consumers use smartphones to gather information before making quick decisions. Can they access your service and/or product info online via smartphone? If not, they might go elsewhere or find sources of information which warrant such.

Smartphones are powerful pocket computers with superior internet speeds to back them up. It’s not out of the question for a mobile user to check out your business videos in high definition while they’re on the go.

Getting people to you is another big factor. Search engine optimization has to be done for smartphones and other mobile technology too. People search and scour the net frequently for all sorts of things, and the question you should be asking is “how do we become part of that search?” Staying relative is important by utilizing the best key factors which help you show up in inquiries.

The impacts we’ve gone over are only a handful, there are numerous other complexities mobile technology is bringing to the table for business. The best thing to understand though is that not adopting marketing campaigns or optimizations for smartphones is a grave error. A massive percentage of people own and use (over 57% since 2013) these devices and the number will only get bigger. Ask yourself, is it worth missing out on this consumer base?

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