Implementing Avaya Phone Systems in St. Paul: How a Certified Avaya Partner Can Help

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For many companies and organizations, implementing a new Avaya telephone system is a significant undertaking in terms of cost and installation. If your St. Paul-based company or organization is among them, choosing a certified Avaya partner instead of a non-certified provider to facilitate the implementation process can deliver distinctive advantages in terms of price and the impact that installing the new network has on the daily work environment.

Hosted and Managed Systems

When companies think about telephone system implementation, they commonly envision the system being implemented in house. However, the in house model of implementation is actually the most expensive one, as the customer is responsible for all costs associated with installing the system and maintaining it after installation. This is why most certified Avaya partners offer the option of implementing a telephone system on a hosted model or on a managed model.

In a hosted model, the provider owns the system and maintains it, allowing the customer to pay an affordable, monthly fee to use the resource. In a managed model, the customer owns the system but pays for the provider to maintain it indefinitely. Both options can offer significant cost savings to customers that need to minimize their upfront investment in a new telephone system.

Telephone System Design

Whether you choose to implement your telephone system on an in house model, a managed model, or a hosted model, a certified Avaya partner will do more than situate telecommunication equipment in your building and string wires to it. Instead, the phone system will be designed to cohere with the construction of your building to make the best aesthetic presentation and help simplify the maintenance process when maintenance operations must be performed on site.

Access to Latest Technology

Because they specialize in Avaya products, certified Avaya partners maintain access to the latest technology from the manufacturer to offer customers the greatest competitive edge. Your company or organization may not need the latest technology from Avaya, but if it does, working with a certified provider of Avaya phone systems in St. Paul will ensure that all options are on the table. The system that you choose will be based on your needs, not on product availability.

Remote System Diagnostics

The cost of Avaya phone systems in St. Paul and other cities doesn’t end after the systems are installed. A strategy for monitoring the systems’ operations systems must also be implemented to help ensure they operate at full capacity at all times. The most cost effective way to address this need is to implement the service of 24/7 remote monitoring, which ensures that system issues are addressed as they arise. Certified partners have access to Avaya’s remote diagnostic technologies that can resolve the majority of system alarms (nearly 100 percent) remotely.

Looking for a Certified Avaya Partner?

If your business plans to implement a new Avaya phone system, using the services of a certified Avaya partner is the best option for the reasons listed above, among others. Certified providers of Avaya phone systems in St. Paul — including Converged Systems — are highly dedicated to the needs of Avaya customers.

For help choosing the right implementation options in terms of price and installation, please call Converged Systems today at (877) 950-2999 to schedule a free consultation, or simply fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you implement your new Avaya telephone system!


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