The Cost of Not Having Call Reporting

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Call reporting for business is essential to creating a successful telephone management system. Call reporting systems are easy to use, customizable, scalable, and provide a variety of tools to help companies maintain a voice system that is cost-efficient, highly-productive and secure. The benefits of call reporting are great, and the costs of NOT using call reporting can be even greater. Here are some of the benefits of call reporting and the costs companies may encounter by not using call reporting systems.


Cost control

The cost of not having cost control can be sizable. Cost control allows you to manage and verify the cost of all calls, while it creates call reports and executes pre-configured alerts. Cost control also helps generate revenue by using line rental and cost makeup charges. Finally, cost control allows you to create and manage billing by company, client or extension.

Without cost control, you may run into confusion on the costs of calls, and without call reporting, alerts, and bill management, it makes it harder to manage calls and call data. This can cause costly delays and possible errors in call reports and billing.


Fraud detection

Call reporting helps protect your company against fraud, as all reports are properly configured and logged. Without these reports, it’s possible to become the victim of fraud without any information about what happened.


Call data analysis

Call reporting software is especially effective in business necessities such as identifying unknown callers, optimizing efficiency, SLA achievement, communications capacity control, traffic flow data analysis, incident response control, and much more. Without these critical features, call data will be unable to be analyzed for quality and information purposes.


Information displays

This feature displays important business information on wallboards. Dashboards can be customized and call reports can be executed directly from the catalogue. The display feature is critical for fast-paced business environments where information must be updated quickly and viewed by multiple people. Without information display, information will be transmitted more slowly and may have to be sent multiple times to reach all of the desired viewers.


Benefits of call reporting

In addition to some of the benefits already listed, additional benefits include:

  • Retaining customers: By using all of the combined features of call reporting, customer service will be effective and punctual. This will retain customers as they can get their issues resolved in a timely manner. The data analysis and information sharing allows employees to be knowledgeable about any situation.
  • More sales: Monitoring and improved performance will cause less issues and errors with telephone orders, which will result in higher sales. The ability to log calls and return missed calls promptly should result in increased sales as well.
  • Cost reduction: Having so much data in front of employees will show customers that their support or sales associate is knowledgeable and prompt. Faster sales means more sales. The fraud prevention and detection features can save a lot of money from scams, and telecommunications costs will be reduced as well.


Putting it all together

A call reporting system takes phone, customer and company information and places it all at the employees’ fingertips. The results are clear – increased sales, retaining customers, reduction in costs and much more. Implementing a call reporting system for your company could be the most important decision you make.

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