Moving Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

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Moving your business phone system to the cloud may seem like a huge task, but the process has actually simplified in recent years. Now it can be as simple as signing up online. Although large phone systems are a bit more involved and complicated than that, it’s still a relatively simple process. The best part – cloud providers provide their own support to walk you through the exact steps to implement and deploy your own cloud business phone system.


Why you should move your business phone system to the cloud


  • Cost: Initial costs and recurring monthly costs are two critical factors to consider. When you move to the cloud, your initial costs will be decreased or eliminated, and your recurring costs will be a fixed-price so that there are no surprises. This way you will always know exactly what your bill will be. There is no expensive hardware to purchase and deploy, as all operations will be ran through cloud computing.


  • Scalable: Cloud phone systems are scalable, so if you need to upsize (or downsize) your system, you can do it immediately without having to buy expensive hardware to complete the upgrade.


  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, a cloud phone system is the best thing to have. Everything is backed up on cloud servers, so recovery can be completed in as little as a few minutes and your data is not lost.


  • Upgrades and maintenance: Maintenance costs will be virtually eliminated, as all maintenance will be the responsibility of the cloud provider. Upgrades and updates are the responsibility of the cloud provider as well, so you will not be responsible for those actions and costs either.


Now you know why you want to move your business phone system to the cloud, but how?


The first thing to do is to find a decent cloud phone provider.  This requires research to determine which type of program is most suitable to your needs.

  1. 1. Once you have signed up with a service, you simply choose your options including choosing or importing a local number and/or toll free number.
  2. 2. Set up an automated attendant to handle most of the phone tasks automatically.
  3. 3. Record a greeting (or multiple greetings for multiple numbers).
  4. 4. Test the system by making calls and performing a variety of tasks as though you were already operating the system in a business environment.


Put a ring on it


Once you are satisfied that the system is performing correctly, it’s time to put it into operation. Make sure all employees that will be using the system are trained to know how to use it effectively to enhance business production and company value.

With no monthly maintenance, manual upgrades or manual updating, you can concentrate on running the company, while the phone system operates automatically. This is the power of cloud computing.

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